Steel Prophet

Rating: 55/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, July '04
Label: Massacre Records
Style: US Power Metal


After the disastrous last album "Unseen", and the fact that Metal siren Rick Mythiasin has left the band and joined New Eden, I thought that we’ve seen the last of the once so mighty Steel Prophet.

Well surprise two years after "Unseen" they are back with a new album called "Beware", their first for the Massacre label. The new singer is Nadir D'Priest, who in the past released albums with London and D'Priest, a good singer but nothing like Rick Mythiasin.

And what have become of the huge Iron Maiden influences from "Dark Hallucinations" and "Messiah" ??? They are almost gone. The album sounds like traditional US power metal, nothing pecial there are thousand albums like this.