Rating: 65/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, March '03 
Label: Lucretia Records
Style: Progressive Metal

The Divine Disharmony

I have 2 major problems with this CD: Monika's vocals and the production! The production is so awful that it kills most of the tracks, and Monika's sort of Björk-like singing on this CD is equally awful.... sorry but I really don't like her singing style on most tracks.

Sinphonia have turned into a very technical progressive metal band, that througout the CD keeps a very high standard musically, and they have progressed a lot in terms of songwriting, which is best displayed on the title-track, a very powerful epic track driven by a great riff, cool interludes and Monika's best performance on the CD - a great track, then there's some good tracks like: "The Reflective And The Sleeper" and "My Will Is Wisdom", but also some bad songs: "A Spectre Of Dust", "Strength Of The Static Sight" and "The Essence Of Desire".

So in my book this is no progression from their great debut album, sad but true.....

Too bad, because there is a lot of talent and great ideas on this CD, just not brought to justice, mostly due to the very bad production.