Silent Force

Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, November '04
Label: Sanctuary Records
Style: Melodic Metal / Melodic Power Metal

Worlds Apart

If you are into Melodic Metal and Melodic Power Metal, maybe you should give the new album from Silent Force a try, because the music on this release is excellent, well crafted metal with great sing along choruses, that will appeal to fans of both power, melodic, and indeed neo-classical metal.

The bands is: DC Cooper (Vocals), Alexander Beyrodt (Guitars), Andre Hilgers (Drums), Jürgen Steinmetz (Bass), and Thorsten Röhre (Keyboards), and I must say, that they are capable to write powerful and catchy material.

Tracks like “Ride The Storm”, “Once Again”, “Death Comes In Disguise” and “Iron Hand” are melodic (power) metal at its very best ... Yes, I think it’s a marvellous album. To me there’s not a single weak track on this album, even the obligatory ballad “Spread Your Wings” is above average, but could have been better.

Fans of Silent force and melodic metal can’t go wrong here, I think!  But of course; that’s just my humble opinion! Maybe you should listen for your self ?

Recommended tracks: “Ride The Storm”, “Once Again”, “Master Of My Destiny”, “Death Comes In Disguise”, “Iron hand”, and “ Worlds Apart”.