Silent Edge

Rating: 75/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, July '03 
Label: DVS Records
Style: Progressive Metal

The Eyes Of The Shadow

Silent Edge from Holland is walking down the same paths that have been covered by bands like Symphony X, Royal Hunt, Majestic and the like.

Coming across as a progressive power-metal band with some neo-classical influences they are a nice little slice of pizza without much new to offer, sure there are some very good songs on this their debut album, but for most parts I feel I have heard it all somewhere before.

But it's in the same sentence hard to ignore their clear talent to write great tunes and the musicianship of the band, which results in songs like: "Through Different Eyes" with it's great chorus, where a song like "Savage Symphony" reminds me of a Elegy song (another Dutch band), "The Curse I Hold Within" is a cool acoustic ballad with some very nice Spanish guitar.

Best song on the album is the very powerful "Rebellion" a straight away smasher clicking in at 9 minutes.

So to fill the gap untill the next Symphony X or Adagio is released, do your self a favour and at least check out Silent Edge, because they have something to offer, it might not be the most original, but who can claim that today....?