Rating: 82/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, April '04
Label: Sound Riot Records
Style: Progressive Power Metal

Mask Of Damnation

"Mask Of Damnation" is Requiem's second album - their first album "The Arrival" received rave reviews around the world. The album was recorded in the Sonic Pump Studios (Kotipelto, Thunderstone) and the end result is very good - yet another great power metal band from Finland, this time with a slight neoclassical edge to their music.

All 8 tracks on the album shows great musicianship and a all well played tunes with great guitar-leads, nice keyboard passages, but I feel that the production of the vocals and the choirs are not as strong as the rest of the production, which means a small let down on the overall result - a shame because the music deserves a strong vocal performance to go hand in hand with the music!

Give this new arrival on the progressive power metal scene a chance and experience the joy of "Shrine Of The Ocean" or listen to tracks like "Ethereal Journey" with it's strong powerful guitarwork or the very progressive "The Rival's Spell".

I am sure if you enjoy your music powerful, then you should give Requiem a listen .....