Rating: 55/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, July '04
Label: Sanctuary Records Company Ltd.
Style: Heavy Metal 

The Art Of Live

Some might ask the very legitimate question, if it's really necessary to release another Queensr˙che live album, just 3 years after they released "Live Evolution" in 2001? After all they have only released "Tribe" between these 2 live albums.

I am normally a huge fan of live albums, but this one seems a bit like a waste of time. For one I really don't think there's a demand for another Queensr˙che live album now, and secondly the songs chosen are simply not strong enough. The first 8 tracks are all from the period after "Promised Land" and to be honost they don't cut it!

The last 6 tracks however are all great live versions of some of their better songs, like "Roads To Madness" (in an acoustic version), "Anybody Listening?" or "Best I Can", but overall this is just a mediocre live recording from what used to be a great band.

This is an album for fans only, if you don't know Queensr˙che at all, then I suggest you pick up "Live Evolution" instead.