Rating: 92/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, April '04
Label: NTS
Style: Melodic
Power Metal

Melancholy Beast

You take a very talented guitarist and songwriter (Michael Kammeyer), add a solid rhythm section - Niels Kvist on bass and Morten Gade on drums. Next you go searching for a keyboardplayer, and Pyramaze had to go all the way to the US to locate one: Jonah Weingarten, but to make this more than your average powermetal band they also needed a excellent vocalist and their search ended with Lance King (ex-Balance Of Power).

The end result is one the most impressive debut albums in a long time, an album with 9 very strong tracks, very well produced and mixed by Jacob Hansen.

Musically they are inspired by bands like Iron Maiden, Kamelot and Iced Earth, but off course Lance's vocals makes the comparision with Balance Of Power easy.

In my opinion this is Lance's strongest performance ever, and this album has the quality to blow a lot of people away. I just love this baby - excellent stuff, that I can only recommend to every metal head out there!

Recommended tracks: "Legend", "Mighty Abyss" and "Power Of Imagination"