Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, January '04
Label: Massacre Records MAS 0407
Style: Progressive Thrash Metal


It's not easy to put a label on this monster release from LA based band Prototype. They play a very nice blend of different styles - from progressive rock (Rush), through powerful metal (Nevermore), more technical stuff (Queensryche), but for most parts dwelling on old school thrash metal (Forbidden, Metallica).

Whether you like very fast double-bass drums or intense drumming, melodic or thrashing metal riffs, melodic or fast guitar-soli, acoustic or speedy guitar licks, emotional or heavy vocals, then there is something here for you here.... 

Try to imagine a cross between Metallica, Rush and Nevermore - maybe not the easiest task, but all songs have a very high technical level, which is clear throughout the entire album.

Their mix of different styles reminds me a bit of Damn The Machine and Into Eternity, 2 in my opinion very overlooked bands, but hopefully Prototype won't suffer the same fate.

Their music and musicianship is above most releases these days, and it's beyond me that no label in Europe has picked them up before now! I just love tracks like the hard hitting opener "Live A Live" or the complex "Pure" with it's nice acoustic parts, the very technical "Dead Of Jericho" - all of them excellent produced, like the whole album - nice crisp and clear.

But I think I'll stop here and can only strongly recommend this album to all metalfans out there.....