Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, April '04
Label: Scarlet Records
Style: Progressive
Power Metal


Platitude is 7 extremely talented musicians, playing fast power metal with an progressive edge. Just my kind of metal, and they do a damn good job, writing some very good songs.

As always excellent produced by Tommy Hansen (semi-producer-God) and the artwork is yet another great piece of work from Mattias Norén's hands. Compared with their first album gone are the neo-classical stuff  and they are now more focused and melodic.

I really think they have progressed a lot in all areas, but the soli are way better on this album. Overall a very good album - without being an outstanding album, but still worth checking out if you are into power metal.

Recommended tracks: "Dark Mind" and "Avalon Farewell"