Pagan's Mind

Rating: 88/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, November '04
Label: Limb Music
Style: Progressive Power Metal

Infinity Divine

No this is not a new Pagan's Mind album, but the re-issue of their first album. Originally released back in 2000 on the FaceFront label and really hard to find. The album was originally produced by Ronnie Le Tekro (TNT). This time they have used the services of Tommy Hansen. 

Together with their new record label Limb Music, Pagan's Mind decided, that the original recordings had to be edited, re-mixed and freshened up in order to represent the quality for which Pagan's Mind stand for today. So all vocal lines were re-recorded, songs were clipped and edited so some extent and two newly recorded bonus tracks were added: a new version of "Embracing Fear" and a very cool cover-version of King Diamond's "At The Gates".

People, who has heard the original version (I have) will be pleasantly surprised just how big a difference there's between the 2 versions. Everything is just so much better, and a rather boring album has been given new life! The album is not as progressive as "Celestial Entrance" - it's a bit more straight ahead power metal, but still with a lot of progressive parts.

For once I feel the idea to re-record and re-release old material has paid off very well, and I can only recommend this album to fans, who thought "Celestial Entrance" was great.

Recommended tracks: "Caught In A Dream", "Angel's Serenity" & "A New Beginning"