Olympos Mons

Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, November '04
Label: Limb Music Products
Style: Melodic Power Metal


Olympos Mons ??? - My first thought was; The name of the highest mountain on Mars and the largest known volcano in the universe! However, Olympos Mons is also a Finnish melodic power metal outfit, fronted and led by guitarist/mastermind Jari Sundström and vocalist Ian E. Highhill.
So, if you hate melodic metal in the same vein as bands like Freedom Call, read no further.

When I listen to Olympos Mons I get the feeling, I have heard this a billion times, but I must admit, that I actually like this kind of melodic-sing along-happy-metal. The production could have been a little better - the guitars sounds like they used a very cheap Amplifier, but I can live with that!

Take a listen to songs like, “Seven Seas”, “Stars”, “Through The Ice And Snow” and “Lady In White”, they are as good as any melodic power metal songs out there. There are a couple of borings songs on this album too: “Conquistador”, 10:32 minutes ... way to long. “The Last Light Of The Moon” - I hate everything about this track. The music ... the melody ... everything! However I like the rest of this release.

The band, that is Olympos Mons, has given us a good set of tunes, that exemplifies the spirit of
Melodic power metal ... in my humble opinion of course. Freedom Call is still my favourite melodic metal band, although I'm sure, that Olympos Mons will trumph themselves by making better future recordings.

Recommended tracks: “Seven Seas”, “Stars”, “Wanted Man”, “Through The Ice And Snow” and “Lady In White”.

Link: www.olymposmons.com