Rating: 70/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, December ‘04
Scarlet Records
Style: Melodic Power Metal

Tears In Floods

Odyssea is a project. A project of upcoming Italian guitarist Pier Gonella, also a member of Labyrinth. A few years ago Pier Gonella started writing songs and searching for musicians with the idea of forming a band of his own, and this album is the result.

The musicianship on “Tears In Floods” is first rate, and strongest point of this band is probably the guitar work, which is astonishing. The music here is typical melodic power metal heard a
“Bazillion” times.

Some songs are great, and some are not so great. The “not so great” songs here are no better than barely average. Tracks like “Fly”, “The King” and “Angel Cries” are the better ones in my opinion, fast and with memorable choruses. However tracks like “Falling Star” and “Try Again”, bore me to death! A little advice: - Listen before you buy!

Recommended tracks: “Fly”, “The King” and “Angel Cries”

Link: www.odyssea.cjb.net