Rating: 70/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, January '03 
Label: Sensory Records
Style: Progressive Metal


Well this is a brand new experience for me, Nemesis is a Hungarian band. "Eden?" is their 3rd album, but their first in English, previous they have released two albums with Hungarian lyrics: "Nemesis" and "Abraxas".

They play a dark kind of progressive metal, heavy influenced by bands like Dream Theater, Pink Floyd and to some degree Fates Warning. In case you know their first two albums (I don't!), then this is not new material - they have re-recorded and re-arranged their old material and sings in English.

I am not that impressed with vocals on this album, English with a slight accent, OK but not great. On the other hand I am very impressed with the bands musicianship and the production is also very good - clear and crunchy.

Most of the music is based around the very crunchy guitars with cool keyboard lines, which are always kept very progressive, backed by a solid rhythmsection.

There is nothing groundbreaking here, just interesting progressive metal from a promissing Hungarian band. Overall I think this is an OK album, and hopefully their next one: "Psychogeist" (to be released shortly) will bring them even further....

Another great thing is the fabulous cover, too bad it is so small!