Mystic Prophecy

Rating: 72/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, November '04
Label: Nuclear Blast GmbH
Style: Power Metal

Never Ending

I’m not familiar with Mystic Prophecy’s earlier albums, so I can’t compare them to their new release “Never Ending”. What do we have here? - Uptempo heavier-than-most, 80’s-inspired power metal with a great production. Yes ... this album is pretty heavy. The guitars sounds great. The riffs here are as METAL as they can be, sometimes verging on thrash.

At first, I was a little disappointed with this album, but numerous listens changed my mind about it. There are some really great tracks here. Take a listen to: “Burning Bridges”, “Time Will Tell” and “In Hell”, especially, “In Hell” is a great track ... fast, but at the same time heavy as Hell!

I can name a few more standout tracks: “Wings Of Eternity” and “Dead Moon Rising” with machine-gun sounding guitars. There are some mediocre tracks as well ... 2 or 3 in my book.

“Never Ending” is a good album, not great, but good. I'm sure this album will find a home among many traditional Heavy Metal and Power metal enthusiast's.

Recommended tracks: “Burning Bridges”, “Time Will Tell”, “In Hell” and “Wings Of Eternity”