Rating: 87/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, July '04
Label: SPV LC 09002
Style: Heavy Metal


I was very disappointed with the last Motörhead album “Hammered”. So I had very little expectations about the new album “Inferno” but I bought it anyway … and I’m glad I did. Because this album is in fact way better than “Hammered”, I think!

The album kicks off with "Terminal Show" and this track is straight ahead, pure Motorhead in the "Overkill and "Civil War" vein, and a very good number in my opinion. I'm not going to do a full track-by-track review here, so I'll just mention some of my favourite tracks: “In The Name Of Tragedy”, “Life’s A Bitch”, “In The Black” and “Fight” are all typical Motörhead tracks.

And they are as good as any classic track from Lemmy & Co. Motörhead is one fine example of how a band can remain true to its roots and yet release good quality albums one after another.

But if you don’t like Motörhead, maybe you won’t like this album … but if you DO like them … buy this album, because this is pure, pure Motörhead.