Neal Morse

Rating: 82/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, November '04
Label: InsideOut Music
Style: Progressive Rock


The high Priest of progressive rock is back ... and he is off course still preaching the word of the Lord, and some might dis-like that, but I really don't care what he's singing about! What matters to is the music!

And picking up where he left off with "Testimony" Neal has once more written a bunch of excellent progressive rock songs. 8 songs - 79:57 minutes of music - yes absolutely NO space left on the disc - all of them excellent produced and played. Mike Portnoy shows once more, that he's able to play any kind of music with a lot of conviction and feeling. And Neal proves, that he's not only a great songwriter, but also a great guitarist and vocalist and Randy George (bass) completes the trio.

Progressive rock fans all over the World will surely love this album - like any album Neal has taken part on before! The album doesn't reach the same hights as Spock' Beard albums like "Snow" or "V", but it is better than "Testimony" or the last Spock's Beard album (without Neal).

I really like this effort from Neal Morse, and if you consider buying this album, then do get the Special Edition, because there's some really cool songs on the extra disc and I must admit the cover-version of U2's "Where The Streets Have No Name" is excellent.

Recommended tracks: "The Creation", "Author Of Confusion" and "Reunion"