Magic Kingdom

Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, November '04
Label: Limb Music Products
Style: Symphonic Power Metal

Metallic Tragedy

On Limp Music Products homepage, you can read this:

"Five years have passed since MAGIC KINGDOM released their very respected debut album "The Arrival". Five years in which Dushan Petrossi, whom some guitar-magazines call the possible successor of Yngwie Malmsteen, and his band lost none of their energy and sheer quantity of ideas. Now they present "Metallic Tragedy", a classy Symphonic Power Speed Metal work of art, on which they were strongly supported by Oliver Hartmann (formerly At Vance) as guest vocalist."

MAGIC KINGDOM's "Metallic Tragedy" is a varied Symphonic Power Speed Metal album. Excellent cover artwork by Leo Hao (Iced Earth, Blind Guardian). Guest vocalist Oliver Hartmann (ex-At Vance) on two lead- and all background vocals. MAGIC KINGDOM guitarist Dushan Petrossi is often described by the music press as being the legitimate heir to Yngwie Malmsteen. The album was mastered by Miro.

- I would call Magic Kingdom Symphonic Power Metal with a progressive edge, and there is something for everyone on this release.

If you want power metal with memorable choruses take a listen to songs like, “Child Of The Nile”, “The Iron Mask”, “Flying Pyramids”, “Master Of Madness” and “The Fight”, all first class power metal songs.

If you are into serious shredding take a listen to “Black Magic Castle” a great instrumental track. However, all songs on this album contains fabulous guitar work from Dushan Petrossi.

If progressive metal is your thing, we have “Barabas” and the title track “Metallic Tragedy”. Especially “Metallic Tragedy” is magnificent. More than 13 minutes of pure progressive power metal. They have added some death metal vocals on this track … and it fits this great track fine.

With “Metallic Tragedy” Magic Kingdom has succeeded in creating a great and powerful CD, that not only showcases Dushan Petrossi’s godly guitar gymnastics, but also shows his song writing skills. So, if you are into power metal with a progressive edge and fantastic guitar work, give this album a try!

Recommended tracks: See above