Metal Church

Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, August '04
Power Metal

The Weight Of The World

You might call this Metal Church's second attempt at a comback, and compared with their first shot at a comeback back in 1999: "Masterpiece", which was a total disaster, this one has a lot more quality to offer.

Kurdt Vanderhoof and Kirk Arrington (only remaining original members left) have brought in some fresh blood with Ronny Monroe handling the vocals, Jay Reynolds (ex-Malice) on guitars and Steve Under on bass. But to say that they've captured the old feeling, would be wrong, instead they written a good power metal album, gone are almost all the old school thrash, but I think the transition to a more up to date sound fits them very well. Maybe it's because their new vocalist is more of a Bruce Dickinson kind of vocalist? Even some of the melodies are in the Maiden vein, nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

This is a solid comeback album, which could have benifitted from a better production, and it does have a few mediocre songs, but overall a very nice album .... If you love their earlier stuff (and who doesn't?), then I am pretty sure you'll find this album very interesting as well, I know I did ...

Recommended tracks: "Weight Of The World", "Wings Of Tomorrow" and "Blood Money"