Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, September '04
Label: Sanctuary
Style: Heavy Metal/Thrash

The System Has Failed

Megadeth is back! I have always liked them a lot, so to me this is great news. I don’t want to write a long boring story about Dave Mustaine and his hand, you all know about it, I think!

Let’s get on to the music, shall we?
“The System Has Failed” is the title of their brand new album …and in my humble opinion, it’s a very good album. Not a FANTASTIC album … but in fact a very good one! It kicks off with “Blackmail The Universe”, with its old-school thrash riff and a good dose of anger through the song. A great opener. It sounds like MEGADETH!!! This track grows better and better for every time you listen to it.
Next up is “Die Dead Enough”, a little less heavy than the first track, but I like a lot. This track have a very memorable chorus and maybe they could have a small Heavy Metal-hit with this one??? Great song!
Then we have another thrasher, “Kick The Chair”. It must be very hard to play that guitar riff and sing the song at the same time … GREAT guitar work here!!! And the solo … no less than great! Great song too!
The next song “The Scorpion” sounds like a mixture of Megadeth and Alice Cooper. Reminds me of something from Risk. A great song with a nice riff and a catchy chorus.
“Tears In A Vial” is more average. An ok song …however it gets a little boring, maybe it’s just me … but that’s how I feel about it.
“I Know Jack” is a very short track. About 40 seconds. Nice little track!
Next is “Back In The Day”. An uptempo track. Great drumming … great guitar work. Good track!
“Something I’m Not” is next. A good track, but again a track that’s gets a little boring after six to eight spins. Okay maybe that’s just me … I like the track, but it’s not my favourite on this release.
Then we have “Truth Be Told”. Again it reminds me a little bit of Risk. I get the felling that I’ve heard this track somewhere before. It’s starts like almost a ballad, then a few weird guitar solos … then uptempo … Ok track but not great!
“Of Mice And Men” contains a strange chorus, but I actually like it. Again Risk comes to my mind. But again I’m sure that I’ve heard this chorus before - Good song!
“Shadow Of Deth” - The first thing that comes to my mind is the pc-game “Return To Castle Wolfenstein”. The drumming and the riffs sounds like some of the music from this game. Then Morbid Angel comes to my mind. “Shadow Of Deth” sounds similar to a track from their great “Domination" CD.
The last track on this release is “My Kingdom Come”. A good track but not great. 

To me this is a better CD than “The Wrld Needs A Hero” - However my favourite Megadeth albums is still “Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying?” and “Countdown To Extinction”. I’m very glad that Megadeth is back! And hopefully they’ll stay here for a long time. So I will end this review, by saying: -Welcome back, Dave Mustaine and Megadeth … I’ve missed you!