Louder Than The Dragon

Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, October '04
Label: Limb Music Products
Power Metal / Progressive Power Metal

The Essential Of Limb Music Production

"Louder Than The Dragon" is a compilation from Limb Music Products, in which they have one song from almost all their signed bands and some they had signed before. 2 discs, 28 songs from 28 different bands, and on the digi-pack version, you’ll get 3 videos as well as a poster and some stickers.

CD 1

01. Black Majesty – Fall Of The Reich
02. Burning Point – Into The Fire
03. Cryonic Temple – Swords And Diamonds
04. Dungeon – Insanity’s Fall
05. Exhibition – The Sign Of Tomorrow (Edit)
06. Galloglass – Ancient Dreams
07. Godiva – One Shot
08. Gothic Knights – Up From The Ashes (Edit)
09. Gun Barrel – Battle-Tasted
10. Human Fortress – Lord Of Earth And Heaven’s Lair
11. Inner Wish – Hold Me Tight
12. Invictus – Redemption
13. Ironware – Holy Man
14. Lana Lane – The Beast Within You
15. Magic Kingdom – Child Of The Nile
16. Midnight Sun – Steel To Steel

CD 2

01. Mob Rules – Eyes Of All Young
02. Oratory – Concilium (Remastered)
03. Pagan’s Mind – Aegan Shores
04. Rhapsody – Emerald Sword
05. Rising Faith – The Inner Truth
06. Shadowkeep – Cast Out
07. Total Eclipse – Storm Warning
08. Turilli, Luca – Legends Of Steel
09. Valley’s Eve – The Fire Burns
10. Vanishing Point – Surreal (Edit)
11. Wizard – Betrayer
12. Zandelle – Warlords Of Steel

It gives everyone a chance to discover new bands, and that’s not a bad thing, right?
There’s a little information about every band on this compilation and it’s a mid-price album, I have to give Limb thumbs up, for that! And the cover isn’t so bad either.

I find that there’s a lot of good bands on this compilation and I will name a few of my personal favourites: Burning Point:“ Into The Fire”, Cryonic Temple: “Swords And Diamonds”, Magic Kingdom: “Child of the Nile”, Pagan’s Mind: “Aegan Shores”, Zandelle: “Warlords Of Steel”, and of course Rhapsody. I find it’s a good introduction to the label and an excellent set of samples of their artists.