Rating: 78/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, October '04
Label: Century Media
Style: Hard Rock/Power Metal


Timo Kotipelto - the former lead singer of Stratovarius is back with the successor to “Waiting For The Dawn” (2002). Some of the songs from the first album was very good, but some of them were a little bit boring in my opinion. What about “Coldness” ?
I think we have a little improvement here. But, first of all “Coldness” sounds more dark and most of the songs here are not “happy sounding” at all.

This album kicks of with, "Seeds Of Sorrow", an uptempo power metal tune with a great and catchy chorus. Actually it sounds a lot like Stratovarius. I really like this track.
Next is the first single "Reasons". One of the most catchiest tunes here with a great riff from guitar mastermind Mike Romeo (Symphony X). This track isn’t as fast as "Seeds Of Sorrow", however a very catchy one.
We stay in the same tempo with "Around". Not a bad tune, but not so great as the first two in my opinion.
"Can You Hear The Sound" is next and again we have an uptempo power metal track like the first track, and again we are treated with a very melodic and catchy chorus. One of the best tracks on this album.
We slow down again with "Snowbound". It’s in the same vein as "Around". Not a fantastic song, but ok.
"Journey Back", "Evening’s Fall" and "Coldness Of My Mind" follows and they are all ok songs. They sound very melancholic and dark. It takes a bunch of spins to really sink into these emotions, it isn’t an easy trip.
Then comes the next single off the album "Take Me Away". A good choice because this track is up there with the best from this release. Kotipelto shows that he holds the key to his own future and he can do without Stratovarius.
The last track is "Here We Are". A great track too, with an ending that will surprise most of the listeners.

I recommend this album to those of you who enjoys hard rock and power metal and of course to all the Stratovarius fans out there.

Recommended tracks: "Seeds Of Sorrow", "Reasons", "Can You Hear The Sound" and "Take Me Away"