Knight Area

Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, January '04
Label: The Laser's Edge
Style: Progressive Rock

The Sun Also Rises

Emotional progressive rock with references to a lot of old-school progressive rock bands like Genesis, Camel, even some Pink Floyd, but also new stuff like IQ, Pendragon and Arena - sort of the best of progressive (English) rock in the past 30 Years is to be found on this very interesting release from Knight Area from Holland.

This conceptual piece has been composed over the past 20 Years by the 2 Klazinga brothers, and has been recorded over the past 3 Years in their own studio with the collaboration of various musicians from the Dutch progressive rock scene.

The album is excellent produced and contains 9 interesting rock songs (plus a short intro), and should appeal to fans of all the bands mentioned above.

This album has everyting a progressive rock fan can ask for: symphonic hard rock, great guitars, excellent use of keyboards, mellotrons and Hammond organs. And to top it all they use the flute very well and the vocal perfomance of Mark Smith is also great.

Take a listen to this very emotional relelase, you won't regret it.....