Rating: 70/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, December 04
Lucretia Records
Style: Progressive Metal


To start your musical career with a concept album is in my book very ambitious, and I think to some degree they have succeeded. The story is about 2 lifelong friends Alan and Jason, both working on one big project: "Insider".

Progressive metal with undertones of Iron Maiden and Queensryche, good solid musicianship, well written songs and well played. The guitarwork is ranging from solid to very good, there are some really nice leadwork on this album. The rhythm section is tight and solid, keys are always present, but never dominant.

The production could have been better, it's by no means flawless and I am not a huge fan of their drumsound. The vocals are solid, but the overall feeling I am left with, is that this is a solid album, nothing special, but not a bad album.

Recommended tracks: "The Project", "The Killing Hand" & "Save Me"