King Diamond

Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, October '04
Label: Massacre Records
Style: Heavy Metal

Deadly Lullabyes Live

This is the first King Diamond live-album since they released "In Concert 1987 Abigail" and this double album can best be described as a best of played live.

We start the shows off with 4 tracks off the "Abigail" album: "Funeral", "A Mansion In Darkness", "The Family Ghost" and "Black Horsemen". Next little section is from the second part of Abigail with the "Spare This Life" (intro), "Mansion In Sorrow", "Spirits" and the outro "Sorry Dear". Then we get "Eye Of The Witch" off the "The Eye" album before "Sleepless Nights" off the "Conspiracy" albums finishes the first disc.

On the second disc we start with 4 tracks off their latest album: "The Puppet Master", the title tracks kicks them off - followed by: "Blood To Walk", "So Sad" and the outro: "Living Dead". Then it's time for the grand finale - starting with the "Them" double: "Welcome Home" and "The Invinsible Guests". "Burn" ("The Eye") is up next before the band is introduced, and no King Diamond show without "Halloween" ("Fatal Portrait") and "No Presents For Christmas"!

This is a great live album from King Diamond, I am sure all KD fans out there will love this one, because it captures the vibe from a great show, and the production is good, and King is singing extremely well on this release. Go get it ....

Recommended tracks: Take your pick!