Rating: 89/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, August '04
Label: Nuclear Blast GmbH
Style: Death Metal

Serenity In Fire

Do you like death metal? Do you like fast drumming? Do you like fast and heavy guitars? If you do, then this album must be right for you.

This album is full of blast beats and monumental riffs, and the new drummer Martin Maurias… he is so fast that I can’t believe it. Many death metal bands sound the same to me, but here Kataklysm have recorded an album that I really like and with lot of aggression and melodies as well.

"Serenity In Fire", is a varied album, the songs often change between very groovy parts and blast beat storms. Just listen to the first track “The Ambassador Of Pain ”, a very brutal track, but with a lot of groove, and… of course with machine gun like drumming. Track two, “The Resurrected”, is a dynamic mid-tempo smasher, and a favourite of mine.

I could go on, but I think that you should listen for yourself. There’s not a single filler on this magnificent death metal album, at least in my humble opinion.

So, if you like extreme metal, put on your shoes, run to the nearest record store, and give this great album a listen.