Katagory V

Rating: 60/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, October '04
Label: Metal Ages Records
Style: Progressive Power Metal

A New Breed Of Rebellion

This is a huge step forward from their self released effort "Present Day" from 2001, that suffered from a very bad production, which can be said about their latest album "A New Breed Of Rebellion" also. This album has one the worst drum productions I've heard in a long time. And this does sadly have a huge effect on the overall impression of this album.

Another thing is the very high pitched vocals from Lynn Allers, which I am sure is not everyones thing, I knew what was coming, and think he's doing a better job on this album, than he did on "Present Day". And I do like high priched vocalists.

Musically there are some very good songs, and it's easy to hear, that we are dealing with a talented band, and that they have a lot potential, but sadly the bad production ruines things for them. But try and take a listen to the wonderful ballad: "One Last Time" or epic title track, truely great songs.

The album has a cool cover done by Rainer Kalwitz. I wish they will receive a bigger budget for the recording of their next album, because I find them very interesting and can only suggest, that if you get a chance, then check them out because they deserve it ...

Recommended tracks: "A New Breed Of Rebellion", "Your Dreams" and "One Last Time"