Joe Stump

Rating: 80/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, October '04
Label: Lion Music
Style: Instrumental Guitar (Metal) (Shred)

Speed Metal Messiah

“Speed Metal Messiah”, the latest album from guitar-shredder Joe Stump is definitely a cool release, but may only work for fans of instrumental music.

Sometimes instrumental music can be very boring, at least in my opinion, but Joe Stump has managed to create an enjoyable album full of memorably melodies and of course a lot of neo-classical guitar work of the highest quality.

First of all the production of this album is superb, with a very clear mix and great separation between the instruments. The music is instrumental neo-classical metal with a lot of soloing. My GOD… this man can play!

Joe Stump shreds on this release, and I really mean SHREDS. He sounds supremely confident and his music never gets boring. "Speed Metal Messiah" has everything you could want in an instrumental release. Memorably melodies and great guitar work, so check it out, okay? I have nothing more to say here!