Jag Panzer

Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, October '04
Label: Century Media
Style: Power Metal

Casting The Stones

"Casting The Stones" is the first regular studio-album from Jag Panzer since their highly acclaimed "Mechanized Warfare" from 2001. Not that they have been lazy in the meantime, because they have released 2 albums in the timespan: First "Deacde Of The Nail-Spiked Bat" - a collection of old material, re-arranged and re-recorded, then came "Chain Of Command" - the album, which should have followed "Ample Destruction" back in 1987, but it was never released due to many factors, and have since been a favorite in the metal underground as a bootleg.

Once more Jag Panzer shows, that they belong to the absolute power metal elite, and I would claim, that they have never released a bad album with Harry on vocals! Like we are used to from them we get a strong collection of power metal songs, that are head and shoulder above 99% of the rest of the power metal community.

Mark Briody has in familar fashion written 11 very strong and varied songs, that all displays the things we know and love about Jag Panzer. Harry's voice is ever present and he proves once more that he belongs to the elite of metal vocalists, Mark Briody's rhythm work is as always precise, thrilling and excellent, John Tetley (Bass) and Rikard Stjernquist (Drums) builds a very strong and tight foundation for the songs, but what I really think stands out on this release is Chris Broderick's guitar-soli! He is to me one the most undervalued lead guitarists in the metal scene.

You won't find a single bad song on the entire album, which this time has been recorded in Florida in the Morrisound Recording under the guidance of Jim Morris. I don't think it's a brilliant as their 2 previous albums, but still it's one the best power metal albums this year!

Recommended tracks: "The Mission", "Vigilant", "Legion Immortal" and "Cold"