Iron Savior

Rating: 93/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, July '04 
Label: Noise Records/Sanctuary
Style: Power Metal / Heavy Metal

Battering Ram

Here we have the new album from Iron Savior called "Battering Ram". And it’s much better than expected. Iron Savior still plays straightforward heavy metal, and I really mean straightforward. Most of their songs are heavy, aggressive and hitting right in the guts! "Battering Ram", "Stand Against The King", "Time Will Tell", "'Tyranny Of Steel", are examples of what these guys can do.

The arrangement follows the same pattern as we are used to from the previous releases: it starts with as much as 4 up tempo power packages in a row, which all are filled with awesome riffs, harmonies and of course catchy refrains that grabs you and fills you with energy and an urge to join the band in singing along. Then we have “Wings Of Deliverance” and “Break The Curse” two midtempo songs, and I especially like “Break The Curse” with its hypnotic riff, and great chorus.

Then they put the pedal to the metal in “Riding Free”, one of the best fast metal songs I have heard in a long time. “Starchaser” and “Machine World” are two midtempo songs with great riffs. This Great album ends with “H.M. Powered Man” which reminds me of old Running Wild, and the bonus track “The Call”.

In my opinion, this is the best Iron Savior album to this date. Give it a try; I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.