Rating: 99/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, October '04
Label: Roadrunner
Style: Death Metal from the very pits of Hell!

1-800 Vindicator

Here’s a quote from the song “No More Time” from the latest effort by Danish Illdisposed:

“Wake up
We’re about to land
And we’ve tightened our act”

Indeed you have, Illdisposed! This CD is easily the band’s best effort to date, and for someone like me this says quite a lot. Since their debut “Four Depressive Seasons” (1993), the Danes have bombarded the underground with now five very extremely solid full length death metal discs plus a few minor releases and a cover album (“Retro” from 2000), each with the band’s trademark heaviness and humoristic angles on the darker sides of life.

“1-800 Vindication” is different from the previous releases: it reeks of focus, of confidence, of a band that knows what it has to offer and, most importantly – it oozes of METAL!

Thereby not said that this is a conservative or “back to the roots because our fans like what we did in the old days” release – on the contrary. Without losing their wall-thick, heavy-as-fuck sound, Illdisposed have incorporated synthesizers as well as clean vocals here and there. Perhaps the change to a bigger label or the fact that Tue Madsen has been involved in the project did this for the band, I don’t know (or care), bottom line is that it works and compliments the break-filled death metal rock of growl-beast Bo Summer and his merry men.

When reading the lyrics, you sometimes wonder just how drunk Mr. Summer was when he wrote them. Most of the lyrics are utter nonsense and there are grammar mistakes here and there, but, come to think of it, that’s just part of Illdisposed’s charm. Most notably the song “Jeff” must surely be an internal band joke – I have absolutely no clue what’s going on there.

Go see Illdisposed live when they hit the road in support of this album if you get the opportunity – and be astounded by the fact that a drunk-out-of-his-mind character like guitarist Lasse Bak actually does what he does so well! More than ever, Illdisposed deserve to be recognised internationally!

Recommended tracks: The entire lot!