Happy The Man

Rating: 50/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, November '04
Label: InsideOut Music
Style: Progressive Rock

The Muse Awakens

I can understand, that this band has been around for more than 20 years and have released 7 studio albums. But this is the first time I listen to their music. And to be honest I really don't think I have missed out on much. 

Their music is sort of progressive rock with the keyboard being the main instrument, so not many guitar-riffs have made it onto this album. Everything is structured around the keyboard - rhythm, fills and leads. And most of the album is intrumental, with one exception. And that song turns out to be of the best on the entire album. And not being a huge fan of music with saxophones either doesn't help a whole lot - because there's also a few tracks, which include saxs!

Sure they are all very talented musicians, the songs are well played and produced, and there's a few interesting songs: "Barking Spiders" and "Shadowlites", but overall it simply don't cut it for me ... Fans of 70's progressive rock will surely disagree with me!

Recommended tracks: See above.

Link: www.happytheman.com