Rating: 96/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, October '04
Label: Massacre Records
Style: Progressive Power Metal

9 Elements Of Inner Vision

This is how I think Progressive Power Metal inspired by some old-school american US metal bands should sound like! And it's played by an Australian band - go figure! When I listen to this excellent effort, I come to think of some my favorite US power metal albums like: Lethal's "Programmed" and Deadly Blessing's "Ascending From The Cauldron" or some the earlier stuff from Steel Prophet and this albums don't need to hide from any of those! Actually I think, this album has every chance to fill the void left behind by Steel Prophet, after their last few very poor albums. So if you were left bewildered by the lack of speed metal quality on the last Steel Prophet album ("Beware"), then look no further, because this album gives you just that and then some ...

What strikes me most is the vocal performance of Danny Cerati, whom some of you might know from his days in Pegazus, he comes across like the perfect combination between Ski (Deadly Blessing), Tom Malicoat (Lethal) and Rick Mythiasin (ex-Steel Prophet) - at times he gives me the chills - believe me he's that good!

Musically this is also just so brilliant, that I am almost lost for words: fast and furious guitars, great drumming, oozing keyboards, cool guitar leads, great songs and and ... this is just high quality metal. To pick out one song would be putting others down, but I have to comment on the highlight to me on this album: "While The World Sleeps" - a 2 part metal epic, that possesses the quality be become a metal milestone. To those of you familiar with Eyefear's earlier releases I can tell that they've re-arranged and re-recorded 2 songs off their "Dawn ... A New Beginning" EP: "Illumination Fades" and the title track, but sadly enough not "Evermore".

And add a great production to make this a masterpiece - produced and recorded in Australia by Emndel Rivers and mixed by Andy LaRocque in his Los Angered Studios in Sweden, just brings this release up to the high level, that it deserves .... 

The arkwork has once more been done brilliantly by Mattias NorÚn (he's quickly becomming my favorite cover-artist), and it just rounds off an album, that I am sure will strike the metal community like a bomb! It certainly would be a shame otherwise, this is IMHO the most surprising album of the year to me, and will without a doubt end up in my Top 5 this year! Can I say more - other than ... "BUY this album NOW!" 

Recommended tracks: All 9 elements of brilliance, which are 10 tracks long ...