Evil Masquerade

Rating: 93/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, July '04
Label: Frontiers Records
Style: Progressive/Neo-classical Metal

Welcome To The Show

Listening to this album just makes me feel good. However, at first I was a little bit disappointed with this Danish band. But I gave it another try and Iím glad I did, because I love everything about it.

Itís hard to describe the style of Evil Masquerade, but if you take a little bit of Blind Guardian, a little bit more of Symphony X, and a shot of theatrical content I think we have it. And, this Danish band incorporates a large handful of classical symphony bits (that everyone will recognize) in their songs.

Henrik Flyman (g) Henrik Brockmann (v) Kasper Gram (b) Dennis Buhl (d) has delivered a musical feast in my opinion with very strong musician ship, strong tracks with huge and very melodic choruses.

Henrik Brockmann mans the microphone admirably throughout this album, and Henrik Flyman, who takes credit for this albumís composition, flies up and down the fret board of his guitar at speeds that are impressively almost impossible to follow by the human ear.
Kasper Gram and Dennis Buhl also do a very good job here on this stunning release. Itís very hard to name any standout tracks here, because they are all very good. But my favourite song is the last track, "Evil Masquerade". 

Itís fast but melodic and with a chorus that will stick in your mind forever.

So, do yourself a favour and check this album out, because I think itís amazing, maybe you do too?