Rating: 94/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, July '04
Label: Inside Out Music
Style: Power Metal

The Inner Circle

Tom S. Englund and his compatriots are back with their fifth album, and once more they have produced a very strong and mature album, that once and for all should put their name on the metal map.

With their rather unique style of power metal, they should be able to grap the attention throughout most of the metal community. The style they established themselves with on "In Search Of The Truth" and to a lesser extent on "Recreation Day" has been taken a step further on this album, and they have really found their own sound, maybe a bit more melodic than on their other albums, but still very hard and heavy.

You get 10 strong Evergrey type of power metal with great metal guitars, a strong backing unit, and Rikard Zander's unique keyboard sounds. And with a very strong vocal performance from Tom - his voice has really grown from an ok vocalists' level into a very good vocalist.

If you love their previous albums then I am sure you will like this one as well. It might not sink down as fast as "In Search Of The Truth", but with a few more spins I promise you, you'll discover just how brilliant this album is!

The album has also been released as a limited edition with 3 acoustic songs, and I recommend you to get that version, because you get a chance to hear just how cool Tom is able to sing live. The track "Recreation Day" get's a whole new feel to it ....

Recommended tracks: "A Touch Of Blessing", "Ambassador" and "When The Walls Go Down"