Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, December '04
Label: Threeman Recordings

Style: Death ‘n’ Roll in fancy dress

Unreal Estate

Around two years ago, Entombed performed with a troupe of ballet dancers at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm in Sweden. When you read the liner notes in the booklet, it is obvious that this was a mind-blowing experience for the band, and when you see the photos in said booklet, you can imagine what a special experience it must have been.

This is where Entombed become big teasers. There is no way that this CD release can mediate that evening, and you just want to have been there! As a live album, Unreal Estate is nothing special in this time of the zillions of live DVD’s released by every artist who can lift a guitar. Yes, it shows a unusually focused live version of Entombed – probably because the involvement of the dancers have forced them to deviate a bit from their well-known, somewhat lazy death ‘n’ roll style, but as it usually is the case with live albums, you lack the element of actually being there. But, as I said, Entombed seem more focused and ready to spread that certain atmosphere that they are able to create than they have been the last three times I saw them live, and that in itself is a pleasure to listen to.

For Entombed fans this album is a must – if only to be reminded that it would have been worth a trip to Stockholm to witness this event.

Link: www.entombed.org