Elvira Madigan

Rating: 60/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, December ‘04
Label: Black Lodge

Style: Goth/Black Synth Cover Metal

Angelis Deamonae – Wiccan Aftermath

There’s something out of place about this release by the one-man band Elvira Madigan. 1. The album consists of covers by Chris DeBurgh, Tori Amos, Scorpions and other pop bands. 2. How the term “Wiccan” has anything to do with anything in this connection, is to me a big mystery. 3. The lady on the cover has even less to do with anything, but we’re used to that and there IS something rather, erm, intriguing about her…

I have no idea if it’s an advantage that I don’t know the original songs covered by Swedish one-man army Marcus Madigan, but I have a feeling that it doesn’t really matter. There is no doubt that Madigan has managed to make the songs his own.

This is my fourth spin of the CD in six days, and I have to say that I was more impressed the first time I listened to this effort. By now, what stands out as being worth listening to on the album are the instrumental bits which are mainly dominated by synths. Also the more quiet parts where Marcus Madigan sings with a fairly controlled, clear voice, work quite well. The black metal parts are not very original and the mix sounds as tad odd.

This CD is a must for fans of raunchy album covers…and for metal heads who won’t admit that they dig Jarre and other synth heroes.

Recommended tracks: "Chrono Cross", "The Leader" (DeBurgh, German power metal style), "What About Me?" & "Prisoners Of Fate"

Link: www.elviramadigan.com