Rating: 73/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, July '04
Label: Limb Music Products
Style: Progressive Power Metal

Portrait Of The Abyss Within

The progressive power metallers Eldritch from Italy are back with a brand new studio album called “Portrait Of The Abyss Within”, and I must say that this is a good album, not fantastic, but good. Their music is powerful and progressive with a lot of changes and technical parts.

But most importantly, the album has some good songs. The music is filled with great metalriffs and great guitar solos…. man, I wish I could play like that. It takes a little time to get into this CD, but after four or five spins, it really grows on you, and you discover new things every time you listen to it.

So if you like progressive powermetal, maybe Eldritch is the band for you. The production is great, and the cover artwork is excellent…. I must admit that the great artwork was the reason I bought this album in the first place. However, the music is good too.

Recommended tracks: "Forbidden", "This Everlasting Mind Disease" and "Slow Motion ”K” Us"