Rating: 87/100

Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen, October '04
Label: Massacre Records
Style: Dark, German Style


According to the promo material, German Eisregen have caused a stir in the Vaterland with their controversial lyrics. Since the promo edition of the CD doesn’t contain a lyric sheet, I can’t tell, really - singer Michael Roth performs his German lyrics in a near-black metal style.

“Mundwasser” (mouth water) is nevertheless a very, very solid release which I’m sure will appeal to many fans of fellow German bands Rammstein and In Extremo. In fact, I can’t help regarding Eisregen as a mixture of the two bands mentioned. Catchy, pumped up rock riffs, a violin and folky feel here and there, plus the certain something that is added by the hardness of the German lyrics.

Recommended tracks: "Hinein Ins Tränenmeer", "Was Vom Leben Übrig Bliebt" - but they’re all good.