Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, May '04
Label: Massacre Records
Style: Doom

Thy Kingdoom Come

This is a very impressive debut album from new German hopefuls Doomshine. And as their name gives away, this is doom metal. And one the best doom metal albums in this millenium without a doubt!

After all Candlemass is back stronger than ever, but has yet to release an album, and Solitude Aeturnus keeps us waiting for a new album, so in my book only While Heaven Wept and Doomshine has delivered albums of the highest standard in doom metal for some time!

This is an excellent doom metal album without any faults, that has all the qualities needed to hit the doom metal community like a bomb and make Doomshine this Years doom metal newcomers!

This album contains 9 strong tracks delivered with conviction, and I just love this brilliant dose of doom metal. Without a doubt my favorite to become doom metal album of the Year - big words this early I know, but this album has the qualities to become a classic!

Recommended tracks: "Where Nothing Hurts But Solitude", "Light A Candle For Me" and "Shine On Sad Angel"