Rating: 75/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, October '04
Label: Metal Ages Records
Style: US Power Metal


"Trinity" is the 3rd album from the US boys in Division, and their first one with new vocalist Nick Kelly. Not having heard any their pervious albums I am on no position to compare the vocalists. But I think Nick is doing a fine job on this album, and he gives the band an nice edge, but then again he's one of those vocalists you either like or hate ... I think he fits Division's style very well.

Musically they are inspired by other US Power Metal bands like Jag Panzer and Eternity X, along with your usual European stuff like Iron Maiden and to some degree german power metal. I think some of their best moments on "Trinity" are their faster and heavier tracks like: "Eleventh Hour", "Masquerade" and "Left Behind", but also the epic songs: "The Propecy (Greed)", "Trinity (No Exit)" and "No World Order" shows the potential in this band.

Off course the songs in mid-tempo: "The New Elite", "Tapping The Vein" and "New Horizons" have a lot of quality, I just like the other stuff better. The technical level of all musicians is high, I am mostly impressed with the solid drumming and the overall guitar-work on the album.

Overall this is a good album from this US band, that could have been better, if the production had been better, but for an underground release I think the production is OK.

The artwork is good, and I think the album will help to spread the word about Division in the metal community a great deal.

Recommended tracks: "Eleventh Hour", "The Prophecy (Greed)" and "No World Order"