Rating: 75/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, November '04
Label: Scarlet Records
Style: Progressive Power Metal


DGM returns to what they do best - playing interesting progressive power metal, after last Years "Hidden Place", which was a bit disapointing to me, they are back with a good and solid album. The approach to the songs is this time a bit more aggressive, than we are used to from this band from Italy.

They manage to stand out among all the well-known italian power metal bands, with a more progressive sound, and their music is a nice mixture of american and european power metal with a nice progressive edge.

This album does off course have all the classic DGM trademarks: catchy melodies, huge choirs and great guitarwork from Diego Reali. And vocalist Titta Tani is just getting better and better on each release and he is really great throughout the album.

I have seen a lot of people comparring them to both Symphony X and Dream Theater, a comparison I don't agree with - they are not as techinical and their music is slightly simpler. I really like their new aggressive approach and I can only suggest you to check out this new album from DGM. 

Recommended tracks: "Living On The Edge", "Is Hell Without Love?" and “Perennial Quest”

Link: www.dmgsite.com