Death Machine

Rating: 70/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, November '03 
Label: Sensory Records SR 3021
Style: Progressive Death Metal

Death Machine

This is a Zero Hour side-project with the Tipton brothers along with Mike Guy exploring the more darker and aggressive side of metal - progressive, but alot more dark and bass-orientated.

This is 38 minutes of intense hard punding down your throat metal with very dark lyrics. It reminds a bit of Fear Factory and uses keyboards to set a fine atmosphere like they did, but this is a bit more progressive.

I really like the production of the bass and drums, but the guitar- and vocal-production makes this album a bit messy and uncoherent, which is a shame, because this kind of music screams for a good production, otherwise it ends up, like this one, being blurry.

Overall it's an OK album with good ideas and if you like Fear Factory and Meshuggah then you should check this album out because it's deserves it!