Rating: 85/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, September '04
Label: Massacre Records
Style: Melodic Hardrock

Once Upon Our Yesterdays

Cornerstone is back with their third album, “Once Upon Our Yesterdays”, and I must say that I really like it. 
Cornerstone is: Dougie White (vocals), Steen Mogensen (Bass & Keyboards), Kasper Damgaard (Guitar) and Allan Sørensen (Drums).

Guest musicians on ”Once Upon Our Yesterdays” are: Rune Brink (Additional keyboards), Andre Andersen (Additional keyboards), Peter Brander (Sologuitar on
"Man Wthout A Reason"), Anne Murillo & Gry Trampedach (Backing vocals) and Steffan Søgaard Sørensen (Violin & Bratsch on "End Of The World").

Their first album “Arrival” from 2000 was a slice of great Rock and AOR. Second album, “Human Stain” from 2002, was a lot heavier and even better. So - how does Cornerstone sound on “Once Upon Our Yesterdays”?

Still good ... and "Once ...’" has more in common with their second album, and it suits them fine. Deep Purple and Rainbow are bands that comes to my mind when I listen to Cornerstone. I could write a long and very boring story of each track on this great release … but I won’t!!! There’s a lot great tracks here, and I will name a few of them:

"Welcome To Forever" is a great opener. The song features a strong and memorable chorus with a strong lead guitar riff. Great stuff!
"When The Hammer Falls"’ is a tough, hard rocker and the chorus reminds me of a Sammy Hagar track. Dougie rules on this track!
"Hour Of Doom" - this track needed at few spins, but now I think it’s one of the best tracks here.
"‘21st Century Man" - maybe my favourite track. I like everything about it. The music, the vocals, the chorus … everything!
The rest is good too - however I won’t name them all. Listen for yourself, okay?

I’m really looking forward to their next album ... BUT  ... I’m a little worried here, will it be as good as the first three???