Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, December ‘04
Nuclear Blast Records
Style: Power / Thrash Metal

Conspiracy In Mind

This album sure makes a lot of fun listening to, it really brings back a whole lot of fund memories of one of my all-time favorites: Sanctuary's "Into The Mirror Black". Communic uses semiliar song-structures, melody-lines, the music is a beautiful mixture between power metal and thrash metal, and the vocalist do often remind me of Warrel Dane, not as aggressive and weird as Warrel, but Oddleif's clean voice do have some of the same characteristicas.

But don't worry, there's no plagiarism here, Communic is nowhere as intense and direct as Sanctuary were, and their songs are much longer and at time more complex. They uses some semi-progressive and porgressive inputs as well. And with the recent addition of Peter Jensen (ex-Sinphonia) on keyboards, he did the keys on the album and will be joining them on tour. His contribution means a fuller and more atmospheic feeling to the songs, and I hope he'll be a part in their songwriting in the future, because I really think their music could benefit a lot with the addition of permanent keyboard-player.

And to complete this great package is a as always very good production from Jacob Hansen, only complaint I have is the cymbals, they could be a bit better ... Overall a great album, that should appeal to a lot of metal fans, not just fans of power / thrash!

Recommended tracks: "Conspiracy In Mind", “They Feed On Our Fear” & "Silence Surrounds"