Rating: 70/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, August '04
Label: Massacre Records
Style: Heavy Metal

In An Outrage

“In An Outrage” is the first release from guitar mastermind Mr. David T. Chastain since 1997’s “In Dementia”, and a good comeback album by this legendary US metal band. Produced by David T. Chastain and album number eight from Chastain since their debut in 1984.

The line up is:
Kate French - Vocals
David T. Chastain - Guitars
Dave Starr – Bass
Larry Howe – drums

To the music:
The first track is “In An Outrage”, and I must admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the vocals from
Kate French. Her voice is very rough and it took me quite a while before I got used to it. I like the music in the first track, and it has a very melodic lead break, but the vocals…. Not exactly my cup of tea. The next track is “Malicious Pigs”, and once again I must admit that the voice of Kate French is getting on my nerves, however the music is very good, more uptempo than the first track and with a nice guitar solo.

Track number three, “Lucky To Be Alive”, stats with a fantastic riff! – That’s the way heavy metal should sound… I really, really like that riff. – Mr. David T. Chastain is a very gifted musician and he completes this fantastic song with a great guitar solo. Then we have track number four, “Souls Of The Sun”, and I’m slowly getting used to Kate French's vocals. Once again, I think the music is outstanding, with a touch of Middle East harmonies, and again with a nice solo. The next song is, “Bullet From A Gun”. An up-tempo galloping Iron Maiden rhythm dominates this song. Again, David T. Chastain shows his skills with very melodic guitar playing.

Track number six, “Woman Are Wicked”, sounds a little bit strange to me, but I like the guitar playing and the drumming. Track 7, “Torture Love”, is just an average song. Nice solo, but the rest of the song is a bit boring. Nice riff in track number eight, “New Beginnings”, but the rest of the song is very forgettable. Number 9, “Rule The World”, is much better, again with great riffs and great soloes. The last song is called; “Hamunaptra”, great riff, again Middle East harmonies, and a short melodic solo from Chastain.

This album is not a killer, but a fine one, and I think the production is great, because the guitars are really up front. Give it a try, huh?