Chris Caffery

Rating: 75/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, October '04
Label: Black Lotus Records
Style: Heavy Metal

Faces / God Damn War

"Faces" is the first solo-album from Savatage guitarist Chris Caffery. The album is released both as a single album and as a double album with the bonus disc: "God Damn War".

Because "Faces" is the main album on this released I will use most space on this one. After a short intro we get the titletrack, and up-tempo rocker with OK vocals from Chris himself. Next track is the very hard and at times almost thrash metal song: "Fade Into The X" - one the best songs on the album.

Then comes a couple of fillers in: "Pisses Me Off" - another up-tempo song with some very aggressive vocals, "Remember" a mid-tempo song, not very spectacular, up next is "The Fall", a boring song, where not even the guitar-solo is interesting. 
"Music Man" is a cool acoustic ballad, followed by another filler in: "Life, Crazy Life!!!" - this is almost glamrock. "The Mold" is one the fastest and hardest songs on the album, with a cool riff and aggressive vocals. What follows is perhaps the weirdest song of the lot: "Bag O' Bones", which is a blues-ballad with a great guitar solo.

"Evil Is As Evil Does" start off with a small and funny "Forrest Gump" referrence before turning into a great up-tempo song. Best song on the entire album is up next: "Never" an awesome song, that could have been a highlight on most Savatage albums, Chris sings brilliantly on this song. "So Far Today" is another cool track with a awesome guitar-riff and a great chorus.

"Jealousy" - is a good up-tempo rocker, but I hate the way they finish this song! Time to show off: "Preludio" is an intrumental with soaring guitars, and it leads into the last track on the album: "Abandoned" - which has a part, that reminds me a bit about "Chance" (from "Handful Of Rain"), a very good song to finish off this debut album from Chris Caffery.

"Faces" has 16 tracks, which I think is 3-4 too many considering the quality of some the songs, but overall I think this is an OK album. Chris has done almost everything himself, and has gotten away with it with a good result. He sings quite well, and in his best moments, he reminds a bit of Zak Stevens. The songs are well produced, and the artwork is good. I am pretty sure all Savatage fans will find moments of enjoyment on this album.

All I want to say about "God Damn War" is that the songs are a bit more aggressive both musically and vocally. Some good songs, some boring and for some reason Chris has thrown in his adaption of "Amazing Grace". The second disc is not spectacular and should only appeal to Savatage fans. 

Recommended tracks: "Fade In The X", "Never", "So Far Today" and "Abandoned"