Rating: 75/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, August '04
Label: Snapper Music
Style: Porcupine Tree Light


This album is all about Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree), eventhough this is a co-operation between his and Israeli Aviv Geffen, because the album has his fingerprints all over the album. From his clear voice, through his, at times, rather strange lyrics over to his wonderful production.

This can be compared with the more mellow songs from his band, and I am pretty sure fans of Porcupine Tree will love this nice album, and listen to it a lot of times. People, who know what Steve stands for both musically and lyrically will be pleased with this small snack, while we wait for the follow up to "In Absentia", which probably won't be released untill early 2005.

This is a good album, but not as brilliant as the latest releases from the porcupines.

Recommended tracks: "Blackfield", "Lullaby" and "Pain"