Rating: 90/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen, September '04
Label: AFM Records
Style: Melodic Metal

Time Machine

Sitting here listening to the new Axxis, "Time Machine", and I must say that Iím very surprised. I find it very good. Thereís a lot of great riffs and choruses on this CD, and I honestly didnít expected it to be that good.

After a little intro "Mystery Of Time", we get "Angel Of Death" an uptempo rocker with good guitar parts and a very melodic chorus. Great start.

We slow down a bit with "Time Machine" - a midtempo song, and once again we are treated with a very good song. The music is great and again a memorable chorus. 
We slow down a bit more with "Wind In The Night (Shalom)" - a very fine melodic rock song, and once again you feel like singing along.

Track 5 starts with a piano, but suddenly it bursts into an uptempo rocker Ö ANDÖ again we have a great chorus. I like the drumming in this track, it just sounds great.
Track 6 "ĎThe Demons Are Calling" is a midtempo/uptempo track with maybe the best chorus on this album. Great drumming, great guitars and what a chorus. It could easily be the best track Axxis has ever written. At least in my opinion.
Track 7 is a ballad - "Wings Of Freedom" - a nice track with a catchy refrain.
Number 8 "Dance In The Starlight" is a fantastic song too. Once again a sing along hymn. This track somehow reminds me of Slade.

The last 4 songs are good too, maybe not as good as the first 8, but good. Of the last 4 tracks I especially like "Gimme Your Blood" - the riff in this song suits the track fine, and again a sing along hymn.

In my humble opinion the best Axxis CD ever. If you are into melodic metal, give this album a chance. To me itís one of the better melodic metal albums Iíve heard in quite a long time.