Ashes To Ashes
Rating: 82/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, February '03
Label: DVS Records
Style: Gothic Thrash Metal

Cardinal VII

Norwegian Ashes To Ashes plays a mixture of thrash and gothic metal, they call it Gregorian Metal. Influences range from Metallica to Type O and I would call their music symphonic gothic metal, because they are also very progressive and aggressive as well as doomy.

But their diversity doesn't stop there, add some baroque and classical influences (they use piano and cello). I also recognize some Tiamat, Therion and Moonspell in their strange brew, and must admit they I enjoy this album more and more each time I listen to it...

The vocalist Kenneth Brasted is clearly very talented and really knows how to use his vocal effectively, eventhough I am not that keen on his more grunting stuff, but on the other hand love his clean vocal....

The production is OK, but the guitarsound could be a bit more clean, and overall I really dig this CD. So if you can imagine a mix between all of those bands I've listed above, then you should give these guys a chance....

Just listen to a track like "Iben Pt. 2" a beautiful piano and cello piece - brilliant. But I am a metal-head, and "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" a 13-minutes epic ballad and "Behind Closed Eyes" (a Sisters Of Mercy inspired track) are the ones that to me stands out on this great release from DVS Records.