Anti-Depressive Delivery

Rating: 68/100

Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen, September '04
Label: The Laser's Edge
Style: Progressive Metal

Feel Melt Release Escape

Be warned - you need to be open-minded to comprehend these very complex pieces of music, because this album is stop/go, fast/slow, hard/mellow, acoustic/metal, progressive/straight forward and everything in between.

You think the band name is weird or the title of the album? Just wait untill you hear the music! Just to call it progressive metal would be too easy, because this is so much more, but the basics are metal and you get thrown back and forward, through this journey through some the most complex music I've heard since the debut album from another norwegian metal band: Spiral Architect. Not that the 2 albums have anything to do with each other, other than both are very hard to comprehend and from Norway!

This is sort of old-school progressive rock (Hammond, mellotron and Moogs) meets metal meets jazz meets classical - throw that into a pot, stir the pot a lot, add a lot of spices and you might end up with something like this (or not!) ....

The songs do however suffer a bit from a rather weak production, which makes the sound a bit muddy at time, really a shame because so complex material almost begs for a good production. This has to be one of the less accessible albums so far this Year, which by all means I think is a good thing - a really challenging album for the open-minded listener. That said I must admit, that things do get a bit too weird for my likings, but take a listen to the wonderful closing track: "Bones & Money" - a 15 minutes long 70's progressive rock epic, with huge Hammonds sounds - excellent!

The art-work is done by Travis Smith, and this belongs to the category strange, but fits the music good.

Recommende tracks: "End Of Days", "Anti-Depressive Delivery" and "Bones & Money"